Monday, February 13, 2012


What a weekend! I got to watch River score his first Lacrosse goal... yay!! I got to watch Ripken at one of his first t-ball practices. I got to watch Reed win the chamipionship game in basketball... yay! Oh, , yeah, and I passed a whopper of a kidney stone!! 9mm, I am told. I pretty muych knew it was a stone Friday when the pain first hit (as I've had them twice before) but I was able to mask the pain with pain pills all day Saturday because I didn't want to miss out on any of the boys' sporting events. Well, by the time we made it to Reed's game, I knew I was in trouble. By then the pills weren't helping, but I held out until I saw him receive that long awaited for trophy, then headed for the door. I left Dave at home with the three younger ones and had Reed drive me to the ER. A few tests later, it was confirmed, I had a stone and it was a BIG one! They opted to keep me overnight and called in the urologist in the morning. He reviewed the CT scans and said that he felt our only option was surgery because he didn't think I could pass it due to the size. I told him I had passed two others but he felt certain that with the size of this one, that wouldn't be possible. So I reluctantly agreed to the surgery. He called the OR and they informed him of a cancellation and said they could take me right away. The next thing I knew, the transport team had arrived and they were getting ready to take me down to the OR. I requested one last trip to the bathroom and guess what happened.... I passed that stone all on my own!! Crazy, huh? They were quite surprised and I even had people who were working in other sections of the hospital stop by to see the infamous 9mm stone! Crazy, and a little icky, I think. But hey, I was famous around the hospital so I had to oblige my "fans". I even met one guy who told me he use to be the hero around here because he had passed a 6mm one. So apparently he wanted to meet the chick that ruined his record. Needless to say, I didn't really care, I was just happy to have the thing out... talk about feeling relieved. I told the urologist he scared it out with all of that surgery nonsense. I was just happy to send that surgical team back home!