Friday, January 28, 2011

100 BOOKS!

I attended River's 100 Book Club Awards Ceremony this morning. All of the first graders who have read at least 100 books since the beginning of school were recognized. Altogether, the entire grade level read over 25,000 books! Pretty impressive! Those little first graders were quite proud of themselves and I was especially proud of my favorite little first grader with his toothless grin!
I just realized I never posted about that adventure... the tooth that wouldn't let go! Oh well, long story short... it's out! (as you can see in one of these pictures)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day 2011

Whoo-Hoo! Yes, us southern folks love when we get some snow and well, this time it was seven inches of the white stuff! We were out of school today and will be out tomorrow. Who knows when we'll return because we now have a sheet of ice over the snow. We took advantage of this beautiful snow for some great fun! Of course, we would have loved it more if Dave could have stayed home with us. The boys wanted Dad to go sledding as well, but Dave had to stay out his hotel because he didn't think his employees would be able to make it in to work and he had a hotel full of guests. He was right, of course, only had a few employees with him today. He spent most of his day cooking and working the front desk! He was just thankful that some of the housekeepers made it in or he'd have been doing laundry and changing beds all day!

Happy New Year!

Celebrated in the "sac" with friends and neighbors


Yes, I realize how late I am posting Christmas pictures, but I've been really, really busy with life and all that stuff!

Christmas Morning!

River starts with the stocking.

The big boys are digging in!

Ready for the cold weather... santa thinks of everything!

Seems quite excited about the electric toothbrush! : )

Somebody LOVES thier new dog!

Ripken was excited to get a Nintendo DS and I think River was glad Ripken got one to keep him off of his! Santa knows!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Guess who thought he was too old to visit Santa??

I guess you can tell who is missing from this picture. My now sixteen year old, Reed decided he was a little old for the annual picture with Santa.
Boy, do I hate that.

Ripken's Christmas Party with his buddies.

Waiting for the festivities to begin with all of his friends!

Even Asa can't contain the excitement!

Making yummy Christmas trees!

The finished product.

River with a "taste test"!

Kylie making her tree.

And a little performance for the parents. Loved it!

Look who just turned seven....

Can't believe River is 7!

We celebrated with a trip to the bowling alley.

River's friends joined in on the fun.

Of course, there was cake!

Pretty good form!

And then, we ended with a friendly game "under fire" at laser tag!