Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My newest graduate...

I really didn't think it would be so emotional but watching Ridge take that last walk as a fifth grader today and knowing that he'd no longer be at school with me, right down the hall, made me really sad.
It's so hard letting kids grow up.

Friday, May 7, 2010

To name a boy... and another, and another, and another...

My boys names....
A lot of people ask me how we came up with our boys' names and why we chose to name them all with "R" names. Trust me it wasn't intentional. Basically, we had Reed (our first) named when I was only about 4 months pregnant. It was a name we both liked and agreed on. We didn't know anyone named Reed and wanted a unique name but not bizarre. Trust me, when you're a teacher, it's hard to come up with a name that doesn't remind you of a former student. : ) Anyway, Reed was chosen and we knew we wanted his middle name to represent our family in some way. We strongly considered Mark because Dave and I both have a brother named Mark. But there was no flow to Reed Mark. I never liked two one syllable names together. I really wanted to use my maiden name, Duncan, which I considered for his first name for a short time, but Dave nixed that. : ) So, anyway, that's how we got Reed Duncan.

Second son.... we were still debating this one on the way to the hospital. We both loved the name Ridge and it was honestly the only name we both agreed on. My hesistancy, oddly enough, was that I wasn't sure I wanted the two "R" names. But, when I looked at him, he just looked like he was meant to be Ridge, so we went with it. The middle name, again gave us trouble, because we still wanted to use Mark. But once, again, no flow... two one syllable names. So ultimately, we went with David, after my husband. I felt like I owed him since the first boy was named after me. : ) So, Ridge David was born.

Third son.... well, after getting pregnant again, we had a true dilemma, do we veer away from the "R" name or continue the pattern. Of course, everyone said, you have to continue now... no turning back. We didn't know if number three was a boy or girl so we truly never chose a name until we got to the hospital. We had debated the name River back and forth and both liked it and again, once he came out, I took one look and knew that was his name. BONUS: we could finally use the name, Mark to honor our brothers. Yes, it had the flow, two syllables + one syllable. Hooray, we have River Mark.

Fourth son.... yes, they kept coming. Well. as you can imagine, we are truly locked in now. There's no turning back. It had to be an "R" name. Again, we didn't know if it would be a boy or girl, so no final decision was made until we saw the little fellow and that middle appendage sticking out. We had gone through every baby list we could find to come up with that perfect name. Everyone felt it should be "earthy" as the other names were so yes, we did consider Rocky and Rain, but those just didn't fit. It did need to be unique, though. You can't put a Ryan or Robert with the names Reed, Ridge and River. So we really pondered over this one... forever. My husband, who was a baseball player and was always a fan of Cal Ripken kept throwing Ripken into the mix. And I must admit, it grew on me. And finally when I looked at him, I couldn't imagine calling him by any other name. His middle name comes from Dave's side of the family as his grandparents' last name was Wheeler. We liked the way it flowed with Ripken, and again we wanted to honor our family names. So, Ripken Wheeler joined his brothers, Reed, Ridge, River.

And yes, we always get the question... what if any of them were girls?
Our girl name was Remington. We both always liked the name and I liked the fact that she could shorten it to Remy when she was a teenager if she chose. Her middle name was going to be Marabeth... a name we made up to honor both of our moms: Mary and Elizabeth.
But it was not meant to be..... I was born to be a mom of all boys and I must say.... I'm loving every minute of it!