Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our first broken arm

Well, it finally happened. I knew it would. Afterall, I have four boys, so broken bones are a given, right? In last Saturday's football game, River broke his arm. Actually it was the bone in the elbow. Ouch! He was the quarterback and about to get sacked by a ginormous (yes it's a word) kid so he stuck his arm out to catch himself, instead, the arm wound up underneath him and that ginormous kid. The sad part, yes, the part that gets me "mom of the year" is that we didn't even know it and allowed him to finish the game... yep with that broken elbow I just mentioned. Although, I should state for the record that his dad was the coach and right on the sidelines so theoretically he should have been the one to catch it, right??

I must say he has been quite the trooper with very little complaints. He did say after the second day in a cast "having a broke arm isn't really so bad, but this cast and sling are very annoying!" : )