Monday, August 24, 2009

School's in!!

Well, it seems like forever since I've had the chance to add to my blog. With the start up of a new school season and football season, it's been quite crazy. Nothing new, just the usual chaos. School seems to be going well. River started Kindergarten and Reed started High School on the same day.... kinda crazy, huh? The night before they started, Reed was talking about how nervous he was and River was listening in on the conversation and decided to add his two cents...

River: Why are you nervous Reed? I'm starting Kindergarten and I'm not nervous.

Me: Well, why are you NOT nervous, River?

River: Because I was the only kid in Pre-K who never got a red-face on my chart. Are you afraid you might get a red face, Reed? Is that why you are nervous? : )

So everyday when Reed gets home from high school we've been asking him "did you get a red face today?" Yep, he loves that!

Oh, and 5th grade is off to a great start for Ridge. Can't believe this is his last year of elementary school. It's a little sad how quick they grow up.