Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Photo Shoot

The day before Easter, we met with two fabulous photographers at the Botanical Gardens in Athens for a family photo shoot. I've known Sara (one of the photographers) for a few years. She use to teach with me. But it was the first time I had met Dana. They were both wonderful and the boys really had fun with it. If you ever need a photographer, e-mail me and I'll send you their info. They had some interesting subjects to work with as you can see....
Poor River who has sun-sensitive eyes really struggled with keeping his eyes open. He kept asking if we could take the pictures in the shade! They did a wonderful job of actually catching him with his eyes open, although he was squinting in most of them.... but to be honest, I think that's just how he smiles. Ridge used to look the same way in his pictures but seems to have finally mastered the art of smiling. Ripken, who has a phobia to photographers, was completely at ease and even said "cheese" at least a hundred times. All in all I think the pictures turned out great... I love outdoor shots. Being that they took well over 100 shots, the hardest part now is choosing which ones to order. I have to decide quickly though and get some family shots up in the house that actually include Ripken. He's two and a half and he's not included in any framed photos! Oh, the guilt!! What kind of mom am I?? Dave just thinks we should put his name on the back of some of the other pictures... afterall, our boys all looked the same at this age. (shhh, he'll never know, right??)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Update on Sally Grace

Just wanted to give an update on my friend's baby girl that I had asked prayer for earlier. The following is copied from Lisa's website:

Shriner's Day Two · April 09, 2009

We've almost made it through two days of hospital stay, and are thankful to be on the home stretch! Sally Grace came through surgery just fine, and she has managed to even have some fun today! After screaming for an hour while coming off of the anesthetics, she was actually a happy child this afternoon. We went outside and blew bubbles, sang songs, and called Grandma and Papaw. I am also happy to announce that Daddy's last treatment went well and we are still praying all of the cancer was reached.
I was able to talk to Sally Grace's Ker Mama this morning right before surgery. It's days like this that I want to go to China and hug her neck for taking such wonderful care of my angel. Thank you, Ker Mama and Baba for loving her so much. Your reward in Heaven will be great!

WE ARE COMING HOME! · April 10, 2009

Hi Friends,
If you've never experienced the miracle of prayer, let me be the first to tell you that it changes things - in an instant! I was up all night long with Sally Grace, and actually fell apart around two this morning. She was so restless and in pain, and NOTHING the nurses did could soothe her. She was so pitiful, and I was so helpless. I kept begging God to change the circumstances, to give her relief, to do something to calm her, yet nothing worked. All I could keep telling myself was that God didn't bring us this far to make Sally Grace suffer, and that, in turn, changed my begging to praising - Praising Him for choosing me to walk this road, praising Him for her dear foster family in China that saved her life, and praising Him for giving us the opportunity to seek and find a better way for Sally to walk - forever. When I turned the begging into praising God, the doctors walked in and said, "We're changing her meds and you'll see a difference." Within fifteen minutes, she was FREE OF PAIN, relaxed, and a different child. Oh, let me tell you only God could have done that - not a doctor, not a mommy, not any human - Only God. He did it and I am now continuing to praise Him. The doctors have released her, and we will be leaving late this afternoon, by choice. They gave us the option of staying or leaving, and we chose to wait until late this afternoon to make sure her pain remains in control.

Monday, April 13, 2009


A wonderful Easter week-end. Saturday was a very busy day. We started out in Athens at the Botanical Gardens for a photo shoot. I cannot wait to see how the pictures turned out. The photographers (Sara and Dana) were wonderful and so patient with the boys. Ripken who is petrified of photo studios (don't ask!) did a wonderful job, smiled, and uttered "cheese" about a hundred times! It will be interesting to see if they were able to catch River with his eyes open. He has very sensitive eyes in the sun and squints really badly. He kept saying "let's go to the shade!" I'll have to post some of the pics when I get them back. After the photos, we headed over to Winder for a baseball tournament.... what's new, huh? Ridge had the opportunity to play with a different team with some his best friends and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. The team played wonderfully and went on to win the championship! Easter Sunday was enjoyable as always. We had the annual Easter Egg Hunt at our house Sunday after everyone returned from church. We had about 25 kids this year. We usually have between 25 and 35 each year. A couple of families that normally join us were out of town this year. But we also had a couple of new kids in the bunch. Little Addie Grace who is not even one yet joined in on the fun and a new friend from the corner joined in on the festivities. The kids had a blast and we took the annual photo. We take a large group photo of the kids each year so we can look back over the years and see how everyone grew/changed. Of course, this year, I had to be in the photo because Ripken wouldn't let me put him down! I tried to blend into the background and I must say I pretty much did that while standing beside Reed, who is now a couple of inches taller than me! Speaking of Reed, this was the first year that Reed opted not to participate in the egg hunt. Made me a little sad... He did however, help Dave and some of the other dads with the hiding of the eggs. He also helped Ripken during the "baby egg hunt."

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Fishy Day

I took the boys to the Georgia Aquarium today... what fun!! The boys had a blast! We got there about 11:00 and at that time they were selling tickets for the 1:00 entry time so we bought our tickets and decided to walk around a little. Well, of course, since it was 30 degrees and snowing, we quickly decided to look for something INDOORS to do while we waited. We then discovered The National Museum of Patriotism right around the corner from the Aquarium so we took a peek inside and they seemed to be doing a little construction so I wasn't sure if they were open but the friendly ladies said "Sure, come on in. We're open but we're not going to charge you admission because of the construction." Sweet! (It's normally $15.00/person.) Apparently they had just moved over to that location from another street. So the boys and I went in and were pleasantly surprised. It had a lot of neat exhibits... the Olympics, the Armed Forces, Immigration, Local Heroes, etc. At the immigration center, we got to take a sample test to become citizens. We passed...Whew! It wasn't that easy though. In fact, the boys had to help the four elderly people pass their quiz when they took it before us! There was also a wonderful exhibit about 9-11 and they have a wall with the names of everyone who died on that day. They even have some of the debris/artifacts on display. I also got some good photos of the boys in a military jeep and one standing on the Olympic podium with their medals. So it was well worth our time and we made it back to the Aquarium in time to get in at 12:45. I was very impressed with the Aquarium. The boys, even Ripken, were completely mesmerized. The only time that Ripken was hesitant was when he came face to face with the octopus! He quickly backed away from that one... check out the picture and you'll see why!
Yes, it was crowded but everyone was very accomodating and took turns so that each person was able to get right up front to see everything up close and personal. We took a lot of pictures. It was hard to choose which ones to post....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's!

I get to work before Reed, my oldest son, even has to get out of bed because his school doesn't start until 9:20 each day. So I called him this morning about 8:15 from work and had the following conversation:

Reed: Hello

Me: Reed, I've been trying to call... I just heard that the power is off at the middle school and they've had to cancel school today.


Me: Reed...

Reed: WHAT?

Me: April Fool's!!

Reed: You are so mean!

Me: Yes, but in a funny way... now get to school!