Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Fun Night with Friends

Last night we had our annual "progressive dinner" in the cul-de-sac. It was a perfect combination of great food and great friends!

We even had Ralph showing us his moves!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our trip to the dentist

Well, the boys survived their dentist appointment Friday without any cavities! I say "survived" because to River, it is pure torture. He, unfortunately, is not the best dental patient. I asked the hygenists at Dr. Kwon's office if they draw straws before his visit to see which one is stuck with him. They were able to get one x-ray this time, top teeth only, so we'll just assume that the bottom teeth are okay. It's not that he is belligerent or anything, he just sort of squirms the whole time. He also doesn't like the bright light shining in his face while they clean his teeth so this time they were ready for him and pulled out a pair of metallic blue, star-shaped sunglasses for him to wear so the "light wouldn't hurt his eyes"! I wish I'd had my camera to take a picture of him lying in that chair with his glasses on. At least it stopped that complaint. He had others though... "the toothpaste burns", "the water is too cold", "the chair hurts my neck", "the suction is too loud", etc.....In fact, I think I'll take my video camera next time, because it's actually quite comical.
I must say, Dr. Kwon and his staff are some of the most patient people I've ever met! They even asked when I was going to start bringing Ripken for check-ups.... God bless them.... they certainly don't know what they're asking for!

Monday, December 8, 2008

My five year old!

"I'm five now!" Those were the first words out of River's mouth when he woke up on Friday. His eyes were barely open but he quickly remembered that his long awaited birthday was here. For some reason it was very important to him to turn five because several friends in his Pre-K class had already turned five and he thought that was most impressive.

I can remember how important birthdays were when I was a little girl but unfortunately as we get older, we sometimes prefer to forget a few! : )

We had a family celebration for him Friday night and we are having his birthday party with all of his friends this Saturday at the park.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I've been tagged...

I was "tagged" by a friend through an e-mail and thought I'd include it here. I had to list eight random or weird facts about myself.

1. I once bungee jumped in the mountains with “Flat Stanley” attached to me. (the things we do for our kids!)
2. I don’t eat meat.
3. Played basketball in an all boys league for a year when I was 14.
4. I am claustrophobic.
5. I’ve kissed Charlie Sheen. We met at a club in Hilton Head…. my husband "loves" when I tell that story! (For the record, I had not even met my husband yet!)
6. I’ve been pooped on by random birds flying overhead three different times.
7. I’ve had stitches three times and had two broken bones (I broke my nose on my son’s scooter three years ago and my brother broke my toe when I was 10).
8. I ran in a marathon. (26.2 miles in Honolulu)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

Week-end Fun

Whew... another week-end of sporting events with the Stanton boys. We had four soccer games, two basketball games, one basketball practice, and two birthday parties.... in less than three days! Those of you who know me well, know how much I love watching these games, but, I have to admit I am looking forward to this long week-end with no sporting events to trek back and forth to.

Ripken and I did get a little one to one time when I took him to his friend's (Lydia) Build-a-Bear birthday party. He really seemed to enjoy it although he refused to get out of his stroller (of course, he doesn't want in his stroller when I need him to be in it). He is a little timid when he's not in his normal surroundings. So I just pushed him from one area to the next as he participated in the activities. He chose a precious dog which he named "Dash".

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My favorite soccer player

Reed saw my blog and complained because none of his soccer pictures were on it... so this is for you Reed.....

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Faces of River

River is ready for "Crazy Hair" day at Pre-K.

River heads to Pre-K for "Community Helpers" day.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thursday Night

I attended the Gwinnett County Teacher of the Year banquet on Thursday night. It was a wonderful evening and I felt special being there as my new school's first teacher of the year. Every teacher of the year in Gwinnett County (about 120!) was honored and presented with a plaque. My principal and my husband were both with me. I was glad Dave was able to join me but it took some manuevering with the kids to make it happen, as always! Dave was suppose to have the basketball draft for Reed's team that night and practice for Ridge's team all that same night. It meant a lot to me that he was so determined to be there for my award though. He was able to re-schedule Ridge's practice but the draft, of course, had to go on, so he decided to send Reed in his place. (Of course, Reed loved that!) Unfortunately that left us without a babysitter for the other boys so we called on one of wonderful neighbors, who agreed to watch the three and we were able to secure a ride for Reed to and from the draft. As it turned out, Reed did wonderful and Dave said it was probably his best draft ever! I was equally proud when we got home and found that Reed had gotten home earlier than us, had retrieved his brothers from the neighbor's house and the two little ones were already in bed asleep. Yep, he's a keeper!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I just wanted to include a recent picture of Ripken so he wouldn't feel left out. He's probably already suffering from fourth child complex.... whatever that is!
These are his favorite pajamas although he doesn't have a clue what the animal is on them (a raccoon). He just points to it and says "not dog"! Gifted? Maybe?

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Well, you probably notice we are one kid short here.... that's because my youngest one is apparently not very fond of Halloween. Ripken absolutely refused to put on his costume. And I don't mean slightly protested; I mean screamed to the top of his lungs and thrashed about wildly and pulled it down as we were pulling up! He was quite adament! He not only hates wearing costumes, he hates others in a costume... especially masks! He was absolutely terrified of his brothers' masks, even as silly as they were. So we opted to not put him through the horror of the costume, which by the way was the cutest little turtle I've ever seen.

Ahh... the girl we never had. Okay, so it's actually my little brave (or crazy!) Ridge who went to school on Halloween dressed as a cheerleader with his girlfriend who was dressed as a football player. Cute couple, huh? Yes, I braided his hair myself! After seeing how well it turned, I guess it's best that I had all boys!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Me, Blog?

Well, I'm finally giving into temptation and trying this blogging thing! I've been following several friends' blogs for months and really enjoying keeping up with them this way so I finally decided to give it a try. If nothing else, I can use it as a scrapbook for the boys since I haven't added a picture to their books in ages! I use to be really good about keeping up with the scrapbooks and even took a "creative memories" class, bought all of the materials, and worked really hard at it for a few months. Then a little less as time went on. With each child, I've admittedly done less and less. Poor Ripken! (number 4!) Will there be any record at all of his young years??